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Artist Application

If you are interested in becoming one of our artists, please download the Consignment Agreement and return the completed form in person to the HCA Gallery or send it in to

What is required of our artists?

  • All work offered for display at the HCA Gallery must be of personal and original design and execution.

  • Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 12 - 5PM and by appointment

  • All work must be properly framed (including hanging hardware) and labeled on the back or bottom, including title, media, name of artist and price.

  • All sales made by or through the Gallery will be charged a commission of  30%.

  • Gallery promotes work and shows via websites, Facebook, Next Door Hamilton (local site), press releases, mailings, announcements and fliers.

  • Gallery carries insurance and will take reasonable care to ensure the safe keeping of the artwork.

  • It is the policy of the HCA Gallery that artwork must be picked up within one month of show ending or pick up request.  If not picked up after one month, it becomes the property of the HCA Gallery.

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