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Children's Classes

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Multi-Arts Program Children’s Classes in the Arts

Painting, Drawing, Fiber Arts, Recycled 2D & 3D Art, Print Making, Art Exploration & More!

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Classes meet 3:00–5:00PM

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

*Parents are required to register children by the semester*

$150.00/Month/One 2 Hour Class/Week

$600.00/Fall-Winter 2024 (September-December)

$900.00/Winter-Spring 2025 (January-June)

It has been proven that arts education helps children develop and grow by:

• Developing creative thinking

• Providing a means of self-expression and communication.

Serving as an emotional release

• Strengthening a student’s self-concept and confidence

• Increasing self-understanding • Heightening aesthetic awareness and sensitivity

• Enhancing the ability to visualize

• Encouraging creative problem –solving/decision making

• Developing appreciation for the individuality of others

• Leading to the integration of the individual • & generating JOY!

Source: The Power of the Arts to Transform Education

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